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The safest motorcycle helmet

Edit - I think tthe testing method is flawed, you can google to read more about that. I still say price is not an indication of more safe but the continued focus on hard shells overlooks the fact that the G force of impact kills and hard shells absorb less and pass more on to the rider thus you have a high risk of brain damage if the shell is too hard. 

I have mentioned it before but worth talking again it about. The UK Helmet Safety Assessment And Rating Programme called SHARP has been operating for some time now and has a large number of new and previous model helmets tested.

Some big name expensive helmets only score 3 out of 5 stars while some budget helmets manage to score a full 5 stars. It is an interesting site and even if you have a particular brand or style you prefer it is worth a look before you get spun the well worn '$50 helmet for a $50 head' sales talk when next shopping for a new lid - just so you hold the upper ground.

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  1. There's a new site in Australia that's similar: