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Motorcycle Paradise

About Motorcycle Paradise

Hello and welcome. My name is Warren. Map aficionado, photographer and coffee snob. Motorcycle Paradise is a travel journal and information archive for two wheel travellers.

There is something special about seeing the world from a motorcycle. To quote the famous Ted Simon; People who use a motorcycle to travel have a sharper, truer view of everything around them, it is necessary for survival and concentrates the mind wonderfully. Unlike four wheeled travellers, riders are visible human beings who engender curiosity and sympathy and generally have a much broader experience. 

On Motorcycle Paradise you will find my two wheel travel stories with a focus in recent years on trying to reveal the incredible beauty of rural Japan which remains somewhat unknown to most people around the world. Feel free to contact me about anything, I am always happy to help if I can.

Oh, I should mention you may find references to ‘Iron Chef’ in old comments. I was writing under this alias for few years. Google (and many companies) used to prompt people to create a user alias and at the time the crazy TV show was a big hit in Australia. Later companies shifted to using email or actual names for user accounts and Google allowed people to switch to their Google + profile. I am not a chef as some readers thought but I once met the famous Iron Chef French 坂井 宏行 Sakai Hiroyuki.


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