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Motorcycle Paradise

What is Motorcycle Paradise

Hello and welcome. My name is Warren, unemployed freelance writer, amateur photographer and coffee snob.
Motorcycle Paradise is a blog of my travels on two wheels. Adventure before dementia. Carpe Diem.
Background. I was a bit late taking up riding but even then I was reckless or ‘a jackass on a motorcycle’ as blogger Fuzzy Galore so aptly describes it. Miraculously I survived, probably thanks to losing my license and switching to off-road riding. Eventually the idea of combining my love of travel with riding emerged and I found a interest that has yet to fade. 

This blog has it's origins in my ‘jackass’ days. I built a few ‘home pages’ as they were called about motorcycling, later blogging arrived and I threw some of that old stuff on here hence the earlier posts might seem poor compared to now.

Recently with the switch to everything being video or Facebook traditional magazine sites like this went out of fashion however I think there is still a place for easy to access information archives that blogs offer. I find YouTube a good way to pass time but tiresome when I want to actually find key info for a journey I am undertaking and Facebook data is lost a day after it is posted. My best roads posts now span over an extended period but don’t think that affects their accuracy. Nothing has changed in the Australian countryside from when I first posted to now, something I confirmed when I revisited many of the best roads in 2016.
Lastly I want to mention you may find references to Iron Chef. I was writing under this alias for years. When Blogger launched you were prompted to create an online identity and at the time the crazy TV show was a big hit. I am not a chef although I like to cook and once met the famous Iron Chef French 坂井 宏行 Sakai Hiroyuki.

Thanks for visiting.
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